2 Must-Haves For Your Blog to Be Successful and Get More Traffic

Must-Have #1: A Personable Voice

  • Compel your readers to take action after reading your blog. A compelling voice is great for sales copy and advertisements. You can emulate a writer like Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger, who is well known for his compelling writing.
  • Be friendly and empathetic to your readers’ problems and gently help them find solutions to these problems. An empathetic voice could be used for fitness, health, or mental health blogs. A great example of a writer who uses friendly and empathetic writing is Katie Dunlop in her Love Sweat Fitness blog.
  • Be goofy and funny if your blog post is focused on entertainment. The perfect example of a funny blogger is Jorden Makelle in her Writing Revolt blog.

Must-Have #2: A Unique Point of View

Example of random topics

Make Your Blog Successful and Grow Traffic



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